Semester Wrap Up

With completing this term in my senior year, I was able to benefit from a variety of new things from this class, as well as refresh my memory on things that I already knew, just needed a reminder about.

The biggest hurdle in my classes for me was time management. I am a procrastinator and always have been, so completing assignments on time was and still is a challenge for me. I have not come to a full solution to this problem yet, but I did make changes in my life as to how I can manage time management. I found that it was easier for me to focus on homework if I was outside my room, because when in my room, I would usually mess around on the internet or take naps. I don’t think realistically I will get over procrastination anytime soon, but I can manage it.

With hurdles came hidden strengths I discovered about myself. I’ve never thought of myself as a leader, but because the class used group thinking in more than one occasion, I found that I am a good leader. I communicate my ideas to the group while trying to balance the ideas of others so the group can come to an agreed upon decision. Obviously this can benefit me no matter what career I decide to go into, because the ability to take control of a situation and still remain on good terms with colleagues is a valuable asset to have. Other than this, I can’t think of any other strength I discovered. I don’t think of myself as self-centered, but honestly I am pretty happy with the way I am and find it hard to think of strengths I don’t already possess.

The highlights of the course for me would probably be the creative portion. I enjoy expressing myself through my work more so than I do in any other medium, so it was fun to be able to take my thoughts and feelings and turn them into a project.

Like I mentioned before, it is very difficult to persuade my mind to think differently than it already does. I was already aware of most of the issues we discussed in class.


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