Getting noticed

Getting noticed in such a competitive field seems very hard and intimidating for me. I believe it is extremely important to look back on what you are trying to achieve. I am seeking to raise my profile with a particular audience. My specific aim dictates the approach that I need to use in my PR – the type of press and media I target and how to target them.

Research is key with your audience. Ask where they go to get their information.  Its important to be where your audience is. That might be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via specific websites and publications, or a combination. PR is all about communicating with your audiences and that can take many forms and happen via many routes or channels.

Getting to know the key people discussing the subjects relevant to your business will make a huge change. Communicating about your business be a two-way relationship. PR is not about pushing tons of information out there in the hope that something will appear somewhere. It’s about targeting the right people, using the right communication channel, the right type of communication and the right messages.

PR is like many other business activities, you have to know what you are aiming to achieve before you can put the right plans in place. Remember, not every approach or initiative will get results. To get your PR working again, keep trying, tweak what you are doing, try again and the results will follow. Getting noticed in the PR world as all about how you market yourself and how well you achieve your tasks at hand


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