The Beginning Of My Journey

Hello my lovely readers, my name is Jasmine Miller. I am a senior at Clark Atlanta University with a lot of goals and dreams. I am a Mass Media major with a concentration in Public Relations. I hope to become a well know event coordinator one day. I’m currently taking a sports communication class to see if i have any interest in this industry. I feel like I can be successful at anything I put my mind to so its important to me that I explore all my career options. I’ve never been a huge sports fan but I have to admit after speaking to my professor about all the job opportunities and routes I could go in this field definitely opened my mind. I grew up playing sports and my whole family is die hard Packers and Oregon ducks fans! Growing up in Portland Oregon it doesn’t get to exciting but I remember all the great memories i’ve had at Portland Trail blazers games. I think it would be amazing to get the opportunity to somehow be apart of making the same memories for others at games that I did growing up. So I hope that all my readers are looking forward to hearing about this journey I will be taking this semester for me to find out exactly what my niche will be!



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